Fresh Fish

“Wonderful! These guys really know fish. You only have to describe what you want to make and they will tell you which fish to use. It’s always very fresh. The Tilefish is amazing and worth every penny! Great service too.”Kimberly Fedrigon

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Smoked Seafood Dip

“They have the most knowledgeable people working there it’s a privately owned company. If you want the best seafood in Delray Beach you must visit them. The smoked Seafood Dip is out of this world. Love love love it. Made fresh on-site. Be careful it will become habit-forming it is that good.” –  Brenda Dauta

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And Much More!

“The variety of fish and seafood (clams, shrimp, stone crab, smoked fish dip, caviar, oysters, etc) is of the highest quality and incredibly fresh, but at very reasonable prices.

The staff is friendly, informative, and helpful. They always offer to pull the bones from the fish or crack the stone crab claws.

My 7-year old daughter is delighted every time she sees “The Real Captain Clay” behind the counter, and he always gives her a few minutes of time while she asks him random questions about the ocean and types fish. The home-made smoked fish dip is killer.”Eric Bevan

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